Thursday, August 6, 2009

Eggplant dish from Azam’s kitchen

Fresh eggplant, one to two lbs
Onion (yellow), ¼ lb, cut into thin slices
Garlic, one big bulb
Olive oil
ground black pepper, ¼ teaspoon or to taste
salt to taste (may add a dash or two of curry)
Fresh red tomatoes, ¼ to ½ lb

Wash the egg plant surface under running water. Put it in a microwave safe dish and cover. Cook it 5 to 6 minutes in microwave oven. In a nonstick two quart pot begin to warm, add three or four tablespoons full of olive oil. Add thinly sliced onion to warm olive oil in pot. Raise temperature to medium heat.
Remove skin from cloves and cut them into small pieces, add to already cooking onions and stir until onion and garlic are lightly browned. Add ground pepper to onion/garlic mixture. Salt to taste. Add cut tomatoes and cover with lid. Cook until tomatoes are broken and tender.
Take the cooked egg plant out of microwave. With knife chop the eggplant into small pieces. Add chopped eggplant into tomato/onion mixture. Stir well and cook on slow heat for half hour. Make sure that the excess water in eggplant is evaporated. Oil begins to appear on side of pot.
Delicious eggplant is ready to eat with rice or pita. Bon Appetite.

Shared by: Amy Hyken-Lande, Overland Park, KS
Recipe Source: a friend in Houston

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